Week 46- Training for the Holiday Season

Welcome my friends to a New Day and a New You! This is Sheri Turner- I am here to encourage, educate and help you to a healthier place in your life. Have you ever started training for an athletic event? You may have started to practice or prepare for a concert or to give a lecture? It is not wise to walk in without preparing your body, your masterpiece or your verbal lecture. Only negative things can happen! We are a month out from the beginning of the holiday festivities. What is your plan for success this year? It is either think it through or take the chance of the disappointment you will feel starting the new year with weight gain, sleep deprivation and self-doubt.

A study in Nutrition Review, shows on average, weight gain during the 6-week winter period from Thanksgiving through New Year averaged around 1 pound. However, weight gain was greater among individuals who were overweight or obese, and 14% gained greater than 5 lbs. Among the entire population, weight gain during the 6-week holiday season explained the 51% of our annual weight gain.                https://academic.oup.com/nutritionreviews/article/58/12/378/1821459

Most of the time, that weight we gain is never lost. We wake up 5 years later with an extra 20 pounds and wonder what happened.


In the Merriam- Webster dictionary the definition of the verb train is   a : to teach so as to make fit, qualified, or proficient         b: to form by instruction, discipline, or drill     https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/train

I want you to be successful this holiday season so…

The training begins now!

1.Train to MOVE- If you are a RefineMEnt regular you know the story. You have listened to me for 45 week and my passion for your health will not change. We must physically move our bodies everyday to burn calories, keep or build muscle tone, build endurance and stamina and fine tune our balance. According to the Mayo Clinic- exercise 1.  controls weight 2. Helps combats health conditions and diseases    3. improves mood     4. boosts energy and 5. promotes better sleep  



All 5 seem to be a positive for your health so get out the door and MOVE. Not only do you need aerobic activity, you also should incorporate strength training. Please revisit RefineMEnt podcast weeks 2 and 3 for more specific details on this topic.  So, we begin our training with movement!


2. Train to get your sleep- RefineMEnt week 9 will have great tips. Here are just a few of the positive benefits of quality sleep. Sleep experts agree there are many benefits to consistently getting a full night’s rest. Most adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29073398/       Here are just a few health benefits of quality sleep: -A restful sleep will improve your mood

                                                                                         - Quality sleep promotes cardiac health. During sleep, heart rate slows down, and blood pressure decreases. This means that during sleep, the heart and vascular system are able to rest. https://www.cdc.gov/bloodpressure/sleep.htm

                                                                                         - Improved Mental Function. Sleep is believed to help with memory and cognitive thinking

                                                                                        - Stress Relief

                                                                                        - Athletic Performance. Sleep is a key element of athletic recovery, and the body’s production of growth hormones is highest during sleep. These growth hormones are necessary for the repair of tissue and likely contribute to muscle growth.  https://www.uptodate.com/contents/overtraining-syndrome-in-athletes

                                                                                        - Maintaining Healthy Weight. During sleep, the body naturally produces more of an appetite suppressor, called leptin, while reducing production of the appetite stimulant ghrelin. On nights of too-little sleep, however, production of ghrelin increases and leptin decreases. As a result, a lack of sleep can lead to a greater feeling of hunger. https://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/index.html

So, we are training our bodies to get quality sleep and to MOVE!

3. Train to focus and plan- Control the risk for temptation by controlling the slightest chance of coming in contact with “tempting” foods. While you won’t be able to control all situations, focus on the many you can. For example, do you keep candy or cookies at your desk or on the counters at home if it is too tempting? Store your holiday goodies in places that are less accessible. If you bake, keep a small amount for you and your family, then give the rest away. And if you get food as a gift, either regift it, donate it or share it with others. Make a plan daily and stick to that plan.

In training we are planning, focusing, moving, and sleeping.


4. Train to provide or consume lower calorie food items at a party or gathering- Fruit and Vegetable trays are a must this year! They contain fewer calories and more nutrients. What’s more, the fiber in fruits and vegetables will fill you up faster than traditional snack foods. If your time is limited, you can pick up pre-made fruit of vegetable trays at most grocery stores. You may want to call in an order ahead of the event for this time of year can be hectic!

In training, we are eating nutrient dense lower calorie food more, moving, sleeping and planning with laser focus.


5. Train to say “NO”- You may feel forced to eat foods or consume high calorie drinks because people keep putting it in front of you. Learn to say no politely or ask to take a small portion home and drop it off to a neighbor, friend or family member. You are in control of what goes into your mouth. Be wise this year!

In training we can say no to foods and drinks, move more, sleep soundly, plan with focus and eat healthier.


6. Train to focus on socializing, not food. Stand at a distance from the food table at a party. Get out and mingle. Conversation is calorie-free!  Be polite and be one of the last to eat. Most times, food looks much less appealing after everyone has dug in or if it’s been sitting out for a while. Sometimes by watching those few people gorge themselves, over eating becomes less attractive! Self-control is key!!


All 6 training ideas can be successfully attained through practice and dedication. You can and will be successful this year! Start your holiday training today!


New Day- New you! Let’s get to work today to make our bodies, minds and attitudes failure proof!  As I say each week your MOVE or exercise goal is 15-20 min/day for 5 days this week. Eat colorful smaller portions, hydrate with water, concentrate on your gut health, get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, plan your day and of course SMILE! This is going to be a wonderful holiday season and it begins today. Think, train and succeed! The quote this week “Keep training and keep learning until you get it right.”    You have all you need to be successful in your health and in your life. Do it!!  I believe in you.