Week 19- Blog- RefineMEnt Goal setting

What are goals?

-specific- vague goals lead to boredom and false accomplishment. Ex goal- eat healthier in 2021; that could mean anything- eat out less. Focus in to specifics- eat out 3 ties/week. Have clarity!

-measurable- You must be able to track it or log it. Ex- MOVE 40 min/5 days not I will walk.

-attainable- donít be unreasonable -either way. To lofty- lose 150 pounds this year. To easy- lose 2 pounds this year. Tip- use tips from my assessment podcast for assessment. Challenge yourself- see how far you can go- it strengthens you! I promise you that.

-realistic- realistic goals you can meet will reinforce your efforts to succeed forward. Realistic and attainable. When something is realistic and attainable, you will be committed to it.

-trackable- you can see your progress from month to month. Use logs, journals, pictures to watch your accomplishments. This feedback is a must for forward progress.This is your time! Right now! Do it now- you will be a year older next year- show something for its health wise!


What is goal setting?

First, we must distinguish goals from more everyday self-improvement efforts. If you want to run a 5 K race, running every day doesnít necessarily make that a conscious goal.Goal setting is a purposeful and precise process that starts with identifying a new objective, skill, or project you want to achieve. You then make a plan for achieving it, and you work to complete it.Instead of just running with no particular purpose, a true goal would be more along the lines of starting a training program to complete a specific race, say a 4th of July 5K, which requires much more careful planning, motivation, and discipline. AGAIN- Goal setting is a purposeful and explicit process that starts with identifying a new objective, skill, or project you want to achieve.

Why set goals?

When you set goals, you take control of your lifeís direction. Goals can give you a focus. Setting goals keeps you moving, increases your happiness, and significantly benefits your overall health- mentally and physically. Goals help you succeed faster and more efficiently. A specific purpose can be the fuel for you to achieve a tangible positive result in your life. Create that vision of how you can be. Then you can push yourself, on the good and challenging days- focused and driven for the goal you set.

Summary why set realistic yet challenging goals?

In a study by industrial-organizational psychologist Edwin Locke, his goal-setting theory found that we perform better and are more motivated to complete goals if those goals are difficult. In other words, you canít cheat. The easier the goal, the less youíll work to achieve it. If you set hard (but not impossible) goals, youíll actually put in the highest level of effort.


Then why do we fail so often in setting goals? Because we do not plan the steps for success. We set something, wing it and let it go in failure.Well, that old plan is done. Letís use specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and trackable steps starting today.

1.††††††††††† Think about the results you want to see- Make a list of things. Then ask yourself what you want to achieve? Is it important enough in your life to go after it in time and effort? All on the list may not make the cut. If they are major goals, stick with one or two. If you have minor changes, you can hit a few more. DO NOT OVERDUE- leads to not being focused and then failure.

2.††††††††††† Once you have a goal- ask yourself is it- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and trackable? The more specific the higher percent you will succeed.

3.††††††††††† Write it down- Once it is written by you- it become real and achievable- not just a fly in the air you are chasing. Swat and squish it!!

4.††††††††††† Create a plan- Your plan should include in writing the overall goal youíre trying to meet and all the steps you need to take to get there. Keep that plan visible to you every day. On your mirror, fridge, computer screen etc.

5.††††††††††† Set mini goal dates on your calendar. The small timelines help you take small steps to big rewards! A timeline creates a sense of urgency, which in turn motivates you to stay on schedule and finish your goal.

6.††††††††††† Donít think- GO! - You didnít go through all that work just to forget about your goal. Every step that you take should lead to another until you finish your goal.

7.††††††††††† Continually re-evaluate and assess you forward progress- to keep motivated, consider a weekly check in, which could include measuring your progress and checking your schedule. Once you see how close the finish line is, youíll feel more motivated to push through to the end. If you're a little behind schedule, make necessary adjustments and keep going.