Knowing is Now Doing- Eating Better       9/13/21


The typical American daily food intake is made up of high fat and high sugar food and drinks. The extra-large portions over time leads to weight gain. If our physical activity does not equal or exceed our food intake, guess what the result is? Yes- extra unwanted pounds.  If we fuel our bodies better, we will see long lasting health benefits. Small changes to smart choices. Right now, we have a good starting place to move toward to a better you.

Smart Choice                                                                                           Limit Choice

1.Fresh fruit/vegetable (vitamin, mineral, phytonutrients)                      1. canned fruit in syrup, canned veg(sodium)                 

2.Whole grain--breads, rice, quinoa, ancient grains                              2. White or wheat breads, white rice,

Dietary fiber= full longer                                                                                    sugar cereal

3.Low fat milk, yogurt, cheese                                                                   3. Whole milk-milk, cheese, yogurt

4.lean beef, poultry, seafood, beans, lentils, soy foods                 4. High marbled meats, deep fried meats

-protein sources- repair/build muscle, grill or bake                           hot dogs, processed meats (cold cuts)

5.Limit added fats                                                                                       5. Gravy, sauces, sour cream

6. water                                                                                            6. Soft drinks, Kool aide, added cream, sugar

Smarter choices do not mean you cannot eat anything good again! Make smart choices as you proceed from today! Portion sizes and frequency play a big role in a healthy intake. Now that you are MOVING, you can find your balance of physical activity and smart eating.

Small positive changes do add up to success. Here are a few tips.

1.Eat from a smaller plate, not from a package. When using a smaller plate, your brain thinks you are getting more. When eating from a bag or package, we tend to eat it all.

2.Eat slower. It takes 20-30 minutes for us to feel full. Eating quickly can tend for us to overeat.

3.Leave food on the plate for tomorrow’s lunch. We can be satisfied with less.

4.Choose your drink wisely. Use smaller glasses and be aware of the high caloric drinks we add with our meal. This is an easy way to cut daily calories w/o too much work.

5.Keep your food log with your MOVE log. Be honest with yourself. ALL calories count.

6.MOVE with a friend or family member. Make it a team impact. You will be accountable to someone beside yourself. It makes change FUN!   Families that sweat together, stay together!

 Families that eat together also create a lasting bond. We need to retake that special mealtime. Here are 9 reasons to reclaim the table.      

1.       Family dinners mean better family relationships.

2.       Family meals lead to healthier food choices- better balance of fruits and vegetables- -nutrient dense.     

3.       Eating as a family lead to better grades  

4.       Explore new foods

5.      Family dinners lead to greater happiness

6.      Homemade meals promote better portion control

7.      Family dinner equals healthy kids

8.      Family dinners relieve stress

9.      Saves money



-Make a weekly menu- decide lunch and dinner meals, make a list of items for your shopping, and use a food budget.

-Plan meals around what is on sale and in season. Look at grocery APPS or fliers and plan from them. Use mobile coupons.

-Check pantry and freezer to use what you have first.

-Use your cookbooks, websites, family recipes.

-Make extra and use the leftovers for another meal. Ex. Lean ground beef-taco then spaghetti or make double to freeze for a busy week in the future.

-Mix up your meat nights and meatless nights.

-Include your family in the planning.

In Review:

We will ASSESS our health, eating habits and food choices- smart choices and choices to limit.

We will ACKNOWLEDGE areas and bad habits we need to improve.

We will work to ACHIEVE the healthier and happier you!

*MOVE goal this week is 15-20 min/day for 5 days this week OR 5,000 steps/day

*Making smarter and healthier food intake- eating breakfast, cutting down caffeine, more fruits/veges,

portion control.

*Planning your weekly meals, Cooking a family dinner 3-5 times this week