Chocolate Peanut Butter

1⁄4 cup fairlife® 2% Chocolate ultra-flitered milk

1⁄2 cup ice

1 small frozen banana

1 tablespoon Smucker’s® Creamy Natural Peanut Butter

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (optional)

Strawberry Banana

1⁄4 cup low-fat or fat free milk

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 small banana

1⁄4 cup Chobani Greek Vanilla Yogurt

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional)


1⁄4 cup nuts

1 tablespoon flax or chia seed

1⁄4 cup berries or fruit

1⁄4 cup granola or muesli

Sprinkle of shredded coconut

1⁄4 cup dried berries


Amount: 8 oz., Calories: 298, Fat (g): 9, Sat. Fat (g): 2, Carb (g): 38, Fiber (g): 6, Protein (g): 21, Gluten free

Directions: Add soft, high-moisture foods to blender (liquids, fresh fruit, veggies, etc.).

Add protein powder (optional).

Add solid foods last (frozen fruit, ice, nuts).

Blend and pour into bowl.

Top with your favorite fruits, nuts/seeds, muesli or granola.

Cooking Tip

If the ingredients are too cold in the blender, an air pocket will form; balance it out by adding a little more liquid until desired consistency.

Try with any smoothie recipe, just decrease the liquid to about 1⁄4 cup or the least amount possible to make the blender churn and give it a thick consistency.

Add 1 cup of any greens to a smoothie bowl as an easy way to increase veggies for the day.

Performance Fact: Consume 1-2 hours before exercise as part of a balanced breakfast or between meals as a snack option Smoothie bowls are an excellent source of carbohydrate, protein, calcium, and antioxidants, ideal for energy replenishment, tissue repair and recovery post-workout.