MOVE     8/30/21

Now that you have stopped for a brief moment, assessed where you have been and your desires for living with a healthy future, you can freely move forward toward refineMEnt.

I feel the first area to tackle in making positive changes, is in the area of exercise. You do not need fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships. You need only put on walking shoes and exit your home and MOVE! That is it. There is no competition except within yourself. You deserve to FEEL good and that will happen as you get a move on.

Research in the article by Dr. Michael J. Joyner, MD in Today's Geriatric Medicine titled: What Does Aging and Exercise the Research Say shows that life expectancy has increased over the past 60 years. 1) no smoking 2) don't drink too much 3) watch your weight 4) remain active 5) stay socially active - these 5 factors add years to the average life span. Regular exercise and no smoking are the key factors to long life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have provided clear guidelines for Americans to guide you in your quest for fitness. I will provide a link to that site on this blog. Dr. Joyner states that exercise is important for your brain health. Research findings show that exercise 1) keep brain cells healthy 2) keep blood vessels delivering plenty of oxygen to the brain 3) enhances the connection between brain cells 4) may help grow new brain cells. With the concern of Alzheimer's disease, exercise with the addition of the 5 factors above can help reduce the chance of this horrible disease. To sum it up, exercise/movement add years to your life AND contribute to brain health!

Beside adding years to life and brain health, there are more pros to including exercise into your daily schedule than cons. You can see all benefits on the CDC link above.

                                                THE TIME IS NOW-GO


TIME GOALS: Set goals for each stage of 8 weeks- keep a log to watch your success. Must be at moderate pace.

Weeks 1- 2 = 10-15 min/day for 5 days per week

Weeks 3-4 = 15-20 min/day for 5 days per week

Weeks 5-6 = 20-25 min/day for 5 days per week

Weeks 7-8 = 25-30 min/day for 5 days per week

2. STEP GOALS: Set goals for each stage of 8 weeks- keep a log to watch your success. Must be at moderate pace.

Weeks 1-2 = 2,000-4,000 steps/day

Weeks 3-4 = 4,000-6,000 steps/day

Weeks 5-6 = 6,000-8,000 steps/day


Weeks 7-8 = 9,000- 10,000 steps/day

GOAL 10,000 steps= approx. 5 miles

                                                     USEFUL TOOLS FOR MOVEMENT SUCCESS

Keep proper shoes/socks for exercise close by.

Take water with you to hydrate and rehydrate.

Download an APP to your phone to keep your step or distance as you go. Can invest in a pedometer, I Watch, Garmin, Fitbit or any fitness tracker.

RECORD your success daily.

 Join a health club, walk at the park or around a school near you.


                                                       SCHEDULE YOUR MOVE TIME

We schedule so much in our life- hair cuts, manicures, appointments, vacations SO WE MUST schedule what can benefit our health and well being- exercise. Small steps daily = success. Start new everyday and plan for success. Get up a few minutes earlier, walk over lunch, walk after work with the family. You can find the time if you plan and then stick to the plan. 

REVIEW: Exercise IS important. YOU are IMPORTANT! Set a time or step goal every day and then work toward your goal. Don't settle for the same- strive to BE BETTER!!