Week 16- Blog FAD DIETS


1.            We need a variety- include fresh fruits, fresh vegetable, whole grains, low- fat dairy products (yogurts), nuts, and lean proteins. Having a goodie every once in a while, is fine- remember moderation AND portion size. Focus on smaller meals and healthy snacks if needed.  The family table with meals made at home are far better than the quick gets of fast food. Plan a tasty weekly meal plan with the input of your love ones. We are in this together.

2.            MOVE- You keep hearing it from me. Intake must equal output for maintenance. If the goal is to shed a few, MOVE MORE. Burn the calories off. Eat healthy and MOVE.

3.            Have a long-term plan- This is a lifelong plan. There is not a finish line here. It is not a rigid plan you follow for a month or two- get the weight down and then go right back to the old way. The end result with that old plan is regaining the weight with possibly more pounds. NO MORE of THIS CRAZINESS! The changes you are making should be lifelong healthy eating plans. One day at a time! You are doing it!

Here is the truth: Eating healthy and losing weight comes down to eating a variety of food with healthy portions sizes in moderation and adding exercise for a lasting success. We do it day by day with no short cuts or easy fixes.

Today, I want you to know the signs of a fad diet. Fad diets are popular because they promise something easy or promise a quick fix. We fall prey to the wonderful sounding claims, products or expensive services. American spend over $40 Billion a year on weight loss products and programs. They are looking for easy, quick, eat what you want diet to fix their weight problem. They did not gain the weight over night, but they want it gone tomorrow! With no work on the way. The bottom line is: If a die or product sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Steer clear of a diet, pill or product that have the following claims:

1.            Promise of rapid weight loss-If a plan promises a loss of more than 2 pounds a week, run.

If you lose weight quickly, you are losing muscle and water. You are also more likely to regain it back with more.

2.            Requires quantities or limits or eliminations- Beware of diets that promote unlimited quantities of a certain food (ex grapefruit or cabbage soup), tell you to avoid an entire food group (carbohydrates, proteins or fats). Even if you take vitamins, if you eliminate a whole food group, you are missing crucial nutrients.

3.            Rigid rules or menus- If you think- “Can I eat this every day for the rest of my life” the answer to that fad diet is NO! Some fad diets require you to purchase their foods. That is hard as well as expensive to continue for years.

4.            Specific food combinations- There is no evidence that combining certain foods or eating at a certain time promote weight loss. Eating certain food do not turn directly to fat or toxins as many fad diets claim. Be aware!

5.            Severely restricted diets- Yes you will lose with an extreme low-calorie diet, but this is unhealthy and you cannot sustain it for very long. The food is the fuel for your body. Not enough fuel- the body suffers.

6.            No need for exercise- by now you know what I think of this!! Regular exercise is essential for good health PERIOD!!

Here are tips to assess for healthy eating:

1.            Is the plan balanced nutritionally? All food groups included?

2.            Does the plan make sense and fit into your lifestyle? Can you continue this for 5 years? 10 years?

3.            Does the plan require you to purchase their foods from a company? In a controlled food setting- you will lose weight. Once you no longer buy their products, do you know what to do?

After assessing, you must analyze the program for safety and realistic expectations. Behavior modification is the biggest area that needs to be addressed when making changes in your diet and lifestyle plan.

My suggestion to a healthier eating plan is:

1. cut out the added sugars-

2. cut down on eating out,

3. Increase whole-grains,

4. add small amounts of nuts,

5. daily fresh fruits and vegetables, 

6. limit added fats-butters, gravy, sauces, creams and dressings.

7. less fried foods more baked and grilled items.

8. Moderation-how often you have it AND Portion size- How much are you eating?

Our goal is living healthy with the food fuel that empowers our gut, bodies and minds. The reward is living at a healthy weight and keeping the extra pounds off forever!

I have a link to the AACE website (American association of Clinical Endocrinology) where you can find many of the fad diets and why nutritionally they are not optimal for your health.https://aace.com/disease-and-conditions/nutrition-and-obesity/fad-diets-explained